Hello, I’m Iri, an illustrator and brand designer based in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m passionate about helping brands shine online through design and motion. My goal is to capture each project’s unique vibe, creating memorable experiences.

My work has earned recognition from prestigious awards and esteemed panels. I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects, including branding, editorial, motion graphics, and advertising, collaborating with clients such as GE Capital Aviation, Bosch, Qnet, Île de France mobilités, University of Valladolid, and more.

In my personal projects, I blend illustration and design to craft dreamy scenes inspired by literature, nature, and human experiences. These projects come alive through playful alchemy, infused with motion and color touches.

A great color lover, I am a minimalist in my daily life. I enjoy discovering cozy food places, home cooking, walks in nature, and diving into a good book.

Let’s connect and transform your creative experience!
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Airin Kloavet

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